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If you encounter any problem using our website, or have any question about our services or technical problem, contact us and our team will do our best to provide the best experience possible you could ask for.

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Support team : support@goldenstrippers.com
Billing support : billing@goldenstrippers.com

Our adresse : 72 High Street, Haslemere, Surrey GU27 2LA.

Please do not send any mail to this address, if you need to contact us, please do so by using the following address, as you will not receive any answer from the our UK Office. You can also use our email (support@goldenstrippers.com)


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Login Issuse

Q : I paid, but I get access denied
A : When we detect someone surfing from several locations or viewing page from different location, we assumes that your password has been compromised. Make sure to send a e-mail to our support center to have it reseted.

Q : I was never sent a confirmation e-mail.
A : Sometime free services email provider put our e-mail in the Junk folder so make sure you check this one out. If you have an anti-spam software, make sure it is disabled. Altought, the billing company send the confirmation e-mail, we don't. If you tryed the above and still don't have your e-mail, please contact the billing company at support@gtbill.com .

Cancel Membership

Q : I cancelled, but I was still charged for another month.
A : Sometimes there are misscommunications between our billing processor's system and our system. Please contact the billing company to make sure they cancel the payement. (support@gtbill.com ).

Q : How do I cancel my membership?
A : Go in your profile page's (In the top right menu), and hit the cancel subscription button. Follow the instruction and you will be done in a few steps.

Technical Problems

Q : I can not find content as advertised.
A : Sorry but some of the affiliates that advertise our website use content in their ads that dosen't belong to us. We are not responsible for any content our affiliate use to promote our website.

Business Hours

Q : Hours of operation.
A : Our office is open on regular business hours : Monday to Friday, 9AM to 5PM Eastern time.